Client: Biodiversity Foundation
Date of execution: June 2009 – March 2010

News Bulletin
Corporate and Brand Guide
Communication Plan

The Biodiversity Foundation is a public institution that belongs to the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Environment of Spain, and it is the coordinator of the project LIFE+INDEMARES. Its main aim is to support the protection of the biodiversity in Spanish seas by identifying valuable spaces for the ecological network Natura 2000.

For this project, Iternatura designed the communication plan, the corporate and brand guide, the website, and the news bulletin which was coordinated by WWF Spain.

The project has a participatory approach, and it includes the cooperation of some institutions and leading entities on national management, research and conservation of the marine environment. The variety of these institutions required a well coordinated strategic work of communication, integrated and adapted to different needs.

The main intention of the project of the Biodiversity Foundation was:
to fulfill their partners needs on communication, materials and tools to promote the project, to guarantee a sensible, coherent, fluent and clear communication to inform about the project, to respond to an important initiative by actions performed between January 1st 2009 and will be performed until December 31st 2013. The budget of this initiative is 15.4 million euros, 50% of which has been subsidized by the European Comission

Iternatura provided the Biodiversity Foundation team with an expert on marine issues, familiar with international projects. In addition, interviews and meetings were held with the responsibles for the project, that is the foundation and its partners. It was also carried out a research about the land and marine presence of the network Natura 2000 in the national Media. Currently, and to the end of the project, Iternatura carries out the website maintenance and every semester designs their news bulletin.